11 December 2015

Venetian curiosity: the tabarro

In Venice, during the Repubblican period, the cloak was used by simple peasants, but also by the gentlemen (who used to wear a scarlet one) and by their ladies, who wore them in order to cover their splendid garments.

In 1780 it was introduced the fashion of wearing a blue cloak.

In Venice was also wide spread the use of the a black cloak, ankle-length, worn with the famous white mask that guaranteed anonymity during erotic adventures and prohibited meetings.

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Classic Harmonies: FAI + Piedàterre

In the heart of the N.E. Italy’s Euganean Hills a collaboration has begun between FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano – Italian Environment Fund) and Piedàterre.

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Second life?
Less CO2

Date nuova vita alle vostre camice e abiti, portatele da Piedàterre. Diventeranno la materia prima per le nostre nuove creazioni.