Now as in the past, an expression of craft excellence

The furlane veneziane are made following the techniques and using the materials of a centuries-old craft tradition.

Now as in the past, the soles are made of several materials (from the canvases of jute sacks to today's most ecological materials) and cardboard. To make them more hardwearing and waterproof, they are completed by welding bicycle tyres onto the bottoms (today on some models, also in pre-molded version, onto the right/left treads).  The uppers were once made generally of cloth or moleskin for the weekdays, and of velvet for the special occasions. Nowadays they are made with a wide variety of fabrics and colour combinations.

Under the Piedàterre brand, the furlane veneziane are made individually by skilled crafts people who painstakingly assemble the materials and sew with strength and dexterity, using the blanket stitch, the symbol of a fine tradition.

Piedàterre - Furlane a confronto

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Classic Harmonies: FAI + Piedàterre

In the heart of the N.E. Italy’s Euganean Hills a collaboration has begun between FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano – Italian Environment Fund) and Piedàterre.

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Second life?
Less CO2

Date nuova vita alle vostre camice e abiti, portatele da Piedàterre. Diventeranno la materia prima per le nostre nuove creazioni.