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The furlane veneziane speak an international language.

In recent decades they have breathed the cosmopolitan air of the Venetian Republic, as the crossroads between the East and West, a city with a mind open to the world's cultures and thus full of allure and magic, of happy encounters, and of a progress that follows the natural rhythm of the waves.

Today you can still find the furlane veneziane close to the Rialto Bridge, at Piedàterre, a treasure-trove store run by Alessandra and Renato, who have achieved international acclaim in these years. They choose the fabrics, match them to the colours, the cloths and the wefts, according to the impulses of the present, past or future. They are always the ones who design their evolution, to keep them up to speed with the times as an expression of changing life.

Made in an environment-friendly way using quality materials and traditional methods that include some sustainable innovations, the furlane veneziane are chosen by many who dwell in Venice, and in other beautiful cities of the world.

You can spot them, for example, worn by orchestra conductors of the Fenice Theatre, and strictly black ones by the amateurs who assiduously frequent it. There are also many poets and artists, who wear them as they stroll Venice's labyrinth of alleys, lost in thought. The furlane veneziane, in various colours and patterns, accompany them, allowing them to feel the water-land vibrations. Several business leaders love them too, for their versatility and elegance; and we find them worn by many other wanderers, Venetians or tourists, all strictly outgoing, with the reflections of freedom in their eyes.

The furlane veneziane have the beauty of simplicity: a beauty with no make-up, a beauty at once natural and timeless.

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Second life?
Less CO2

Date nuova vita alle vostre camice e abiti, portatele da Piedàterre. Diventeranno la materia prima per le nostre nuove creazioni.